Dyslexia Advocacy

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Dyslexia Advocacy

Call to Action for Children with Dyslexia – Wrightslaw


In this Action Alert from Wrightslaw you can sign the petition to urge Congress to support a Bill of Rights for Children with Dyslexia. You will also learn how to send an email with your comments about the proposed revision to DSM5 removing Dyslexia.

Please consider signing this petition and in other ways protesting the exclusion of the term “dyslexia” from the new DSM-V.

Youth Examples of Self Advocacy) Program

The YES! (Youth Examples of Self Advocacy) Program in Massachusetts offers a great opportunity for students ages 9 and up to learn about their learning strengths and weaknesses, how to self advocate and more about dyslexia in general.  http://explore1in5.org/YES!Program.aspx

Dyslexia Laws in the USA: An Update

In the most recent issue of Perspectives on Language and Literacy, Youman and Mather report that “As of December 2015, 28 states had statewide dyslexia laws, 6 states had initiatives or resolutions related to dyslexia, and 14 states had handbooks or resource guides to inform parents and educators about proper procedures for students in the public and private educational settings.” Read the entire text here…

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