Dyslexia Research

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Participate in Dyslexia Research

Studies for Adults

Adults with and without dyslexia (19-30) are invited to participate in studies being conducted by the Lab for Visual Learning.

To be considered for the study please fill out this form.

You will be asked to participate in three hours for which you will receive $60 plus a $20 bonus for complete attendance, on-time ($80 total).  One session will be a TWO-HOUR SESSION.  The other will be a ONE HOUR SESSION. Payment will be in gift cards, usually for Apple iTunes.

In the two-hour session you will read using a handheld computing device (iPod Touch) configured in various ways.  In the one-hour session you will respond to questions or perform simple tasks (e.g., repeat a string of numbers) we use to characterize your reading, memory, and attention.  Your responses will be anonymous, and your identify will be protected by a keycode.

Please send any correspondence to UmassRead@gmail.com.

The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital is conducting a research study evaluating the benefits of a videoconferencing resiliency program for parents who have children with learning disabilities. We are recruiting parents from all over the United States to take part in this virtual, 8 week, 1-1.5 hour a week parent group, and complete questionnaires for the study. If you are interested in hearing more about this study, please email ParentalStressStudy@Partners.org or Emma Chad-Friedman (echad-friedman@partners.org).

Studies for Children and Adolescents

Stigma and Math Performance
Researchers at CAST are studying the potential stigma of having a learning disability and its effect on math performance.  We are recruiting students in 9th and 10th grade to take surveys and do math activities during two 45-minute sessions, scheduled at the participant’s convenience. For more information, contact the project coordinator at CASTresearch@cast.org or 781-315-1958.

Dyslexia and Bilingualism
Join Harvard and MIT researchers in their study of language experience and dyslexia! Does your child (ages 6-17) speak more than one language? Students who struggle with reading and those who are typically developing readers are invited to join by emailing brain.edu.study@gmail.com.

Reading Development
Join us as we work 1:1 with your child and complete assessments of reading and related areas. Your help will be invaluable to families and scientists interested in reading, language, and cognitive development, and intervention for struggling readers. Contact us at beamstudies@gmail.com and learn more here: http://on.fb.me/1dNU5bJ

Language and Reading Research Consortium
Educators working with students in pre-K to grade 3 are invited to participate in an academic year-long project in Massachusetts that provides free teacher training and materials to support reading and language comprehension for the class. For more information, email ddavis6@unl.edu.

Genes, Reading, and Dyslexia
The Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University is conducting a study of Genes, Reading, and Dyslexia and is seeking healthy children of African-American or Latino-American descent, 10-15 years of age, who have experienced reading difficulties and/or have a diagnosis of dyslexia.  Download Study Information

Early Detection of Developmental Dyslexia

Do you have a 2-8 month-old infant? Are you interested in how your child’s brain develops? The Gaab Lab is looking for infants for a longitudinal research study using MRI.  The main goal is to find the best way to identify children at risk for developmental dyslexia at a very early age, before reading skills are even present. We will look at your infant’s cognitive and language development using fun interactive games and then we will measure your infant’s brain structure and development with the help of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). MRI is a noninvasive and safe radiation-free research method that has been a valuable experience for participants and their families. You will be asked to return to participate when your child is a toddler and in early childhood. Both parents will also be asked to participate in cognitive and language assessments and brain imaging at one time point during the study.This investigation is conducted at Boston Children’s Hospital. Visit our website www.gaablab.com or www.babymri.org or contact the Gaab lab at (857) 218-4629.

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