Red Flags for Reading Difficulties

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Red Flags for Reading Difficulties

Excerpts from, “The Dyslexia Puzzle”… (Kaufman and Hook, 1998)
“Characteristics of students with dyslexia change over time, depending on the grade level and/or stage of reading that the individual has reached. The following are some signs of dyslexia at different grade levels:”

Pre K & Kindergarten

  • Delay in Talking
  • Difficulty recognizing and producing rhymes
  • Difficulty remembering rote information, such as letter names
  • Difficulty remembering or following directions

Grades 1-3

  • Difficulty with sound/symbol correspondence (/a/, as in apple)
  • Confusion with letters that look alike ( b/d/p, w/m, h/n, f/t)
  • Confusion with letters that have similar sounds ( d/t, b/p, f/v)
  • Difficulty remembering common sight words (was, the, and, she)
  • Problems segmenting words into sounds (cat – /k/ /a/ /t/)
  • Difficulty blending individual sounds to make words
  • Reading and spelling errors that indicate difficulty sequencing sounds ( blast -> blats)
  • Omission of grammatical endings when reading and writing ( -s, -ed, -ing)
  • Difficulty remembering spelling of words over time

Grades 4-8

  • Significant difficulty reading and spelling multisyllabic/longer words (Ex. Omits whole syllables)
  • Reduced awareness of word structure (prefix, roots, and suffixes)
  • Frequent misreading of common sight words
  • Difficulty learning new information from text because of word reading errors
  • Difficulty understanding text because of underlying oral language problems with vocabulary and/or grammar
  • Significant difficulty writing, due to spelling and organization problems
  • Slow rate of reading

HS, College, Adult

  • Continued difficulty with word recognition that significantly affects acquisition of knowledge and ability to analyze written material
  • Slow rate of reading
  • Continued difficulty with spelling and written composition
  • Difficulty taking notes in class
  • Trouble learning a foreign language

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